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Turtle Wax Ice Spray Detailer 20oz

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Turtle Wax
Introducing the next level of car care with ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer. This product is designed to give you the benefits of a convenient wax, with less time and effort. ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer produces a mirror-like shine, a slick surface, and safely removes light dirt, dust, and water spots. ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer is a water-based formula. Since water and oil do not mix, due to the differences in polarities, ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer is the perfect complement to ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax. The unique polymer chemistry combines the benefits of synthetic polymers and chemically engineered “clarified” Carnauba Wax. The product can be applied in direct sunlight or shade, with minimum buffing. Use a microfiber towel (preferably) or a traditional soft cotton terrycloth to buff the vehicle to a showroom finish. Directions to use Step 1: Spray product liberally onto one body panel at a time. Step 2: Wipe with a microfiber towel (preferably) or soft cotton, terrycloth Step 3: Turn the towel over and buff lightly for a high gloss shine. Step 4: Repeat process for the entire vehicle, however, avoid contact with the glass.

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